Welcome to Joluskating

Ludwig Welnicki is a photographer, specializing in figure skating, who lives in Berlin, Germany. He would like to promote the figure skating and show the beauty and uniqueness of this sport. The photos are dedicated to all figure skaters and all figure skating admirers all over the world.

The pictures showed on the internet site are transient so in order to make them more durable we publish and sell the publications on paper in form of A4 books containing full color A4 format pages showing our pictures and impressions from the most important events with the most beautiful moments of figure skating. We produce also and sell the publications showing the way and career of specific skaters during not only one event but during more events during specific period of time - for instance Beautiful Moments of Figure Skating - Year 2010, - Year 2011 - Year 2012, - Year 2013 or the Series "Charismatic Skaters - "Jason Brown and Kevin Reynolds", Misha Ge and Nathan Chen" and so on. The list of present available publications is shown in folder "Publications"

All photos on this web site are copyright to joluskating - Ludwig Welnicki - and may not be used for any purpose without permission and may not be reproduced without permission.